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Do You Know Exactly What is Terry Cloth?

We all hear this concept, but not many people know what terry cloth is. However, it is useful to know the answer to that question for everyone who cares about the type and quality of towels. In fact, terry cloth trend, which was mass-produced first in England in the 19th century, has embraced the whole world today.

Terry, derived from the French word “tirer” is a kind of weaving. As can be understood from here, terry cloth, which has a close relationship with the world of towels, basically allows us to have a smooth experience after bathing. So let's find the answer to the question of what is terry cloth that stands beside us in every moment of life.

What is Terry Cloth?

Terry cloth is a type of fabric used in towels. When you examine the towel surface, the small rings that cause a feathered appearance are the terry cloth itself. It is an ideal fabric, especially for bathrobes with its highly absorbent structure. The terry cloth that makes robes absorbent because it increases the surface area quickly dries the water in your skin after the shower and allows you to continue your day as you wish.

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Now you know what is terry cloth. It stands out with its softness as well as absorptivity. So which materials are used for terry cloth fabrics? The terry cloth, usually made of cotton, can also be produced from other natural fibers such as silk, linen, and bamboo. Especially terry cloth fabrics made of Turkish cotton are more preferred because they are more absorbent, more durable, and high quality.

Why Should You Prefer Terry Cloth?

Absorbent and soft textured terry cloth towels and robes guarantee high comfort. In addition to this, terry cloths, which you can use for many years thanks to their durable structure, maintain their quality even though they are washed repeatedly. On the other hand, other towels may be stiffer than terry cloths, so they are likely to irritate when they touch upon hard contact with your skin. You will also feel so comfortable in terry cloth fabrics that you may want to spend some time with your towel after bathing.

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Where Can You Buy Terry Cloth Robes?

the bathrobe, rolled towel and slippers are answer to the question of what is terry cloth

We have answered the question of what is terry cloth, so we can come to the topic of how to get these towels. Many textile companies offer products made from terry cloth fabrics. However, if you choose the brand, you trust in its quality, this will be the best decision for you. In this respect, we strongly recommend you to take a look at towelnrobe's terry cloth robes collection, where you can rely on its experience in towels. We are sure that you will find towels and robe models to suit your taste and need!

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