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How to Wash Towels: All Details And Useful Tips

Frequent washing of the towels used provides hygiene as well as extending the lifetime of the towels. In this way, it is possible to save a considerable amount of time and money instead of buying a new towel in the long run. It is also useful to wash your towels for the beautiful feeling of using a clean towel after a bath or when you wake up in the morning. The question of how to wash towels may have arisen in your mind right now; however, it would not be wrong to say that this question has more than one answer.

Although the main purpose of washing towels is to provide cleanliness, that’s why you should wash your towels regularly. So the towel fibers do not deteriorate quickly, not lose their absorbency, and remain soft. Moreover, to ensure the cleanliness of all towel types, you should take care to wash them as often as necessary without waiting for smelling bad.

How to Wash Towels

The hygiene of the towels is critical for your body health. Because towels are in direct contact with your skin and a towel that someone else has used, or which you have used many times before, is no longer clean and have the possibility of carrying bacteria to your body. Therefore, the towels in your home need to be washed frequently.

If you are not in a different situation, we recommend that you wash your towels regularly once a week. However, you may not wait a week to clean your towels for more frequent use or guest use. And how can you be sure that you wash your towels correctly? Here are the most accurate towel washing methods you can follow to ensure the hygiene of your towels and your home:

Washing Towels in A Washing Machine

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Once you have learned how to wash your towels the right way, you will see that it doesn't require much trouble. However, it will not be wrong to say that it requires a little more care than another laundry. In this direction, you can conclude that you need to wash your towels separately from all other laundries. However, if you need to wash the clothes and towels together, you should remember to follow the washing instructions as much as possible.

The easiest way to wash your towels is by using a washing machine. Because the new generation of washing machines even have a washing program specially developed for towels. Thereby your machine will follow the necessary process for the washing your towels. But don't worry if your washing machine doesn't have this feature. You can learn from towelnrobe the steps you can follow while washing your towels in your washing machine.

white rolled towels and cotton plantsFirst of all, it is useful to learn what kind of fabric your towels are made of and understand how many degrees you need to wash them. Since the most healthy towel material is cotton, we recommend you to choose towels made from quality cotton. If you are going to wash your cotton towels in the washing machine, you can safely select a high temperature. Accordingly, 50-60 °C is generally preferred. But if your towels have stubborn stains, you can wash them at a higher temperature.

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You should use a high-quality detergent to clean your towels thoroughly. And you must dry your towels without waiting too long. Otherwise, you may encounter problems such as bacteria formation and mold smell.

Washing Towels By Hand

washing clothes by hand with soap bubblesIf you prefer to wash your towels by hand, you can wash them in a clean sink, bathtub, or bucket. Then, fill it with cold or warm water. After that, add cleansing material to the water. Soak your towels in this water for at least 30 minutes. In this way, some of the dirt on the surface of the towel will be dispersed in the water, and this will reduce your workload.

To wash your towels, vigorously rub for a few minutes. After the washing process, ensure that your towels are purged from the detergent and then wring the towels. Repeat this process until you are sure that your towels are adequately cleaned. You can check to see if stains and soap bubbles remain on your towels to ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned or not.

Finally, you can use a drying rack to dry your towels or choose a tumble dryer. But be sure to select a low temperature in the dryer to protect the soft structure of your towels. This method, which may be the answer to the question of how to wash towels, is not much preferred since it requires both time and labor. However, if you want to wash your towels by hand, we recommend you follow the necessary steps.

Things to Pay Attention Before Washing Towels

You now know the answers to the question of how to wash towels. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to a few crucial points before washing towels.

1. Wash Light And Dark-Colored Towels Separately

As mentioned earlier, you should wash your towels separately from other clothes and laundry. However, it is recommended to wash light and dark-colored towels in separate sessions. Otherwise, dark-colored towels may cause discoloration of light-colored towels. Dark-colored towels may also lose their bright color. To avoid these risks, it is easier to wash your light and dark clothes separately.

2. Use The Right Cleansing Materials

a vinegar, natural soap, carbonate and folded towels standing on the counterIt is essential to use the right cleansing materials as well as to wash towels for hygiene. Because every cleansing material may not be suitable for your towels. For example, the laundry softener can cause the towels to lose their absorbent properties and shorten their lifetime. On the other hand, natural solutions such as organic vinegar and carbonate can be preferred as a cleansing material for washing towels. Besides, if you use products such as detergent and bleach, it is beneficial to use these products in small amounts so that they do not adversely affect the durability of towels.

3. Set The Right Water Temperature

Although we have mentioned that you need to wash your towels at a high temperature like 60 degrees, it is better to wash your dark-colored towels at a lower temperature. Because the high-temperature can reveal colors of white and light-colored towels, but it can also cause discoloration for dark-colored towel towels. Therefore, we recommend using warm water to maintain the color of your dark-colored towels and eliminate bacteria.

You're not done after you wash and dry your towels. You also need to fold and keep your towels in a clean place to maintain hygiene for a long time. To learn more about towel folding techniques, you can take a look at our content, which is titled How to Fold Towels for Easy Storage.

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