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Popular And Trendy But What Is a Turkish Towel?

Turkey has an essential place in the textile sector worldwide. Turkish towel, which plays an important role in this subject, is one of the most preferred towel types in the world with its many varieties. And also it has a history of 1600 years in Turkish bath culture. This towel type can easily differentiates from other towel types in terms of towel production techniques and features. We are looking for answers to what is a Turkish towel question for you in this content, and we are addressing all the details about this woven product that has a worldwide reputation.

In this article, you will find important details about the features that make Turkish towel so famous, its production process, usage areas, and care. You can check on the content to get all the information about the Turkish towel, which will affect you surely once you start to use it.

What Is a Turkish Towel?

Your and your loved ones' skin comes into contact with any towel dozens of times each day. But most of us have very little information about these towels. However, having more information about the specifications, quality, and production of towels that have a direct relationship with the skin will enable you to use the right product for yourself. At this point, to gain knowledge about Turkish towels, which is one of the most preferred towels, it is useful to answer what is a Turkish towel in the first place.

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Turkish towel is an essential part of the Turkish bath culture. So we can say that Turkish towels, which are undoubtedly developing from generation to generation until they become known today, have a deep-rooted history from Ottoman Empire times. Turkish towels that you can see not only in Anatolia but also in every part of the world go through many production stages until you use them. So let's have a look at how the highest quality Turkish towels undergo a weaving process.

How Is a Turkish Towel Produced?

Turkish towels are only produced from the premium quality cotton grown in Turkey. Since the Turkish cotton has long and durable fibers, it helps to keep the towel absorbency and comfort level high.

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Turkish cotton collected by farmers is dried first to prepare for the weaving process. Later, they are meticulously processed and made ready for towel production. Turkish towel, which has been produced through traditional processes in handlooms in history, is produced by using high standards machine looms with the development of technology today. 

The towels, which are produced swiftly and meticulously, are tested to the quality control process before encountering you. With this process, the premium quality, fulfilling Turkish towels are made completely ready to take place in your bathroom.

How Turkish Towels Differ From Other Towels?

This unique textile product, with its structure and features, can easily stand out from all other towel options. Therefore, it is necessary to know what features a Turkish towel has. Turkish towel fabric is usually obtained from cotton or linen weave. 

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Another distinctive feature of the Turkish towel is deterioration resistant. And also it has an absorbent and soft structure. You can use these towels as often as you want, which means you can dry it quickly by simply hanging them on a hanger without the need for a dryer.

Turkish towel, which differentiates from other types of towels in terms of durability, can stay as it was the first day for years with proper usage and maintenance. Turkish towels produced from Turkish cotton offer a perfect balance of all the features you would expect from a towel. It also completes your elegance in the bathroom, on the beach, or in any place you need.

Where Can You Use a Turkish Towel?

Turkish towel was used mostly in Turkish baths in Anatolian history. However, these unique towels have been observed to be suitable for many purposes. Turkish towel is very lightweight, and that’s why it is easy to carry on travel. Also, it is regarded as a very suitable towel for use in sports halls and yoga classes with its comfortable structure and stylish appearance.

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Since it offers a practical use, it is possible to come across a Turkish towel on the beaches. Turkish towels, which are used as a beach towel and have many different colors, have become a trend in recent years. 

Besides, other Turkish towel types such as hand towels and washcloths have already taken their place in the houses due to their high-quality weaving. As you can see, it is up to you where you will use a Turkish towel. However, it is crucial to care towels for your personal wellness and towel cleanliness. So you can prolong the life of your Turkish towels. 

How Is The Turkish Towel Care?

The care of a Turkish towel is quite simple for its many different varieties and sizes. For starters, we recommend you wash your purchased towel before the first use. Accordingly, you can wash it on your washing machine or soak it in cold water overnight. Thus you will be assured of both cleanliness and increase the absorbency of your towel.

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You can wash your towel at high temperature in the washing machine. However, if you use a dryer, it is best to dry it at a low temperature to avoid deteriorating the structure of your towel. On the other hand, you can dry your towel by hanging it on the hanger.

You should avoid using bleach when washing your towel. Such heavy chemicals can damage towel fibers and shorten their life cycle. You can also maintain the hygiene of your towel by using vinegar instead of oxygen-based detergents. 

Now you know why a Turkish towel is so popular after reading this content that contains a response to what is a Turkish towel question. Accordingly, you can check out the towelnrobe's towels and robes if you want to use these high quality, handy and comfortable towels!


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