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How to Fold Towels For Easy Storage

There are many different types of towels used for drying. Therefore, many towels may be available in a house. The number of towels in the home varies depending on how many people live in the house. However, it is important that clean towels are always in tow. So even if you live alone at home, we are sure that you have many towels. So how to fold towels to cope with this crowd of towels?

How to store the towels is extremely critical. Because folding towels plays a vital role in cleaning and regularity. It is not possible to talk about the hygiene of towels that are randomly thrown in the closet. It is also imperative to fold a large number of towels neatly to fit them in linen closets or shelves.

Moreover, in the bathroom, bedroom, or laundry room, you need to make room for other items besides the towels. From this point of view, it can be concluded that towel folding also has great importance for the arrangement of other household items. In addition, in travel bags and luggage, towels need to be folded and placed so that they do not take up much space. But if you can't decide how to fold your towels or fit them on your shelves, you'll be able to fit everything even more regularly after reading our content.

How to Fold Towels

There are actually many ways to fold towels. In fact, it is possible to increase the folding shapes as well as the shape of the towels. But what's important to us is that all towels can be folded to fit the shelves and linen closets, so that they look the same. For this, it is possible to talk about tried and widely used methods. So how to fold towels?

After learning the techniques included in our content, you can have the appearance of a hotel room in your own home and increase the capacity of your cabinets in this way. So let's take a look at all the details of the most practical towel folding techniques: Classic hotel fold, French fold, and spa-style fold.

Classic Hotel Fold

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When you enter a hotel room, you will see towels that are properly folded at the bedside or on the bathroom counter. Why not have these towels in your house, which are folded in a way that evokes comfort and harmony? All you have to do is apply the classic hotel fold technique.

For a classic hotel fold, first spread your towel on a flat surface. Then triple the long edges. Then fold the short sides of the towel so that the ends are joined in the middle of the towel. Finally, assemble the outer parts of the towel, that is, fold the towel in half to give it its final form.

French Fold

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Another commonly applied towel folding technique is a French fold. If you want to get an elegant look, save space on the shelf, and practically fold your towels, we can say that the French fold is an ideal method for you. Beach towels, bath towels, and many other types of towels can be folded according to this technique to provide a fresh and tidy look in your cabinets.

To fold your towels according to this technique, at first place your towel on a flat surface and fold the short side towards the center of the towel. At this stage, make sure to fold the towel edge to 1 / 4th of the towel. Then fold the other short edge of the towel over the edge you just folded. After that, turn your towel upside down and cover one side over the other. As a final step, fold the short side of the towel in half.

The classic hotel fold is a very practical method, especially ideal for storing towels on open shelves or in linen closets. Towels folded in this way can be easily stored in non-high shelves. On the other hand, washcloths and hand towels may not be suitable for applying this technique because of their size.

Spa-Style Fold

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Spa-style fold technique is generally applied when there is no possibility to fold and stack the towels or if a large number of towels need to be placed somewhere. This technique, which provides great convenience when choosing towels of different colors, also helps create a spa-like ambiance in the bathroom. Also, excessive space and wrinkling of towels in the travel bag can be prevented by this method.

Moreover, the spa-style fold technique does not only apply to towels. T-shirts, pants, and linens can also be placed in your closets using this method. But how to fold towels according to the spa-style method that has become more popular in recent years? First, fold one corner of the towel from left to right, triangular in shape. Then fold the towel lengthwise. When doing so, take care not to distort the previous form. As a final touch, hold your towel on the non-triangular side and start rolling inward.

Although the technique is not a folding but a rolling method, you can try the spa-style method, which ensures that towels are stored regularly. However, you should keep in mind that towel quality is as essential as a folding method to make towels look smooth. In this sense, you should check out towelnrobe’s quality and soft Turkish towels!

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