The perfect day spa experience is one based on a person’s individual needs. Everyone is different, and the stresses we experience are likewise the product of our unique daily routines.

Importantly, a good day spa experience should focus not just on the physical ailments we bring along with us on holiday. It should help ease the mental – and dare we say spiritual – niggles that may affect our state of mind and ability to de-stress as part of our break.Perfect Spa starts with comfy Turkish terry robes.

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Choosing the right day spa treatment for you

Depending on your level of fitness, life stage, gender, type of work and any pre-existing health conditions, a good day spa treatment specialist will recommend the right wellness regime for you.

It’s worth considering some questions ahead of your treatment, such as: whether you’re allergic to anything, any physical aches and pains, your level of general stiffness in the muscles and joints,  and your tolerance for pain (some massage techniques are designed to reach deep into the tissue of your muscles, meaning the masseuse will apply greater pressure).

Your treatment specialist should ask for answers to these questions before commencing your treatment. If they don’t, it’s a sure sign you’re in the wrong place!

Different types of day spa treatments

The spa and wellness movement is a worldwide phenomenon, so the types of treatment will vary from place to place. However, the fundamentals of nurturing the body, mind, and spirit as part of a treatment tend not to change, being heat, pressure, oil, herbals, and ambiance.

Different establishments have different approaches, but , heal and nurture using local knowledge and products. At some spa, guests can choose from a range of integrated treatments, such as the traditional Balinese Spa Ritual, or the Tropical Healing Journey. In India, Karma Spa approaches treatments in the Ayurvedic tradition – a life science practiced in India going back as early as the 6th Century BC.

A shared dialogue equals a great outcome

During your treatment, you enter into a working relationship with your treatment specialist.

Communication with your expert is essential throughout your treatment to ensure you get the best possible result. You don’t have to give them second-by-second updates, but it certainly pays to let them know when the treatment eases – or even increases – your level of comfort or tension. Remember, they may be an expert, but they’re not you – they can’t feel what you feel – so if the masseuse is pressing too hard on an area, let them know! They’ll thank you for it.

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