Stay Happy & Healthy All Spring Long with Our Springtime Health & Wellness Guide

Stay Happy & Healthy All Spring Long with Our Springtime Health & Wellness Guide

The birds are happily chirping, which can mean only one thing … It's officially spring! With the freshness of springtime in the air, change and transition is soon on the horizon. And with change comes adaptation. Help your body get acclimated to the spring season with the below health and wellness tips!

  • Set Aside Time To Show Yourself Love

A stressed body is more susceptible to sickness, so you better make some time to practice loving yourself. And there's nothing that heals the soul more than a personal care day. Things that can help you unwind and de-stress include a glass of wine, a candlelit bubble bath and one of our cozy spa wraps. Put some relaxing tunes on, hop into a warm bath and feel the stress start to slowly melt away. Follow up once in full relaxation mode with one of our towels or bathrobes to savor ever minute of your at-home spa experience. Comfortable beyond compare, they can be worn long after you step out of the tub. Wear them as you apply makeup in the mirror, curl your hair or comb your closet looking for something to wear. They wick away moisture and dry fast, so you won't be a soggy mess. See ... we've thought of everything!

  • Stay Hydrated, Drink Plenty of Fluids

We're sure you've heard this before but it deserves to be said again and again: Hydration is key to healthy living! Drinking the recommended amount of water daily has shown to benefit the body in more ways than one. For starters, it flushes the body of toxins. This means you're better able to stave off common illnesses, staying healthy all season long. If you can't seem to drink enough water on a daily basis, you might want to try some natural flavorings or additives. It's also worth mentioning caffeine can dehydrate the body. If you're a coffee lover who has more than one cup a day, make sure you counter the dehydrating effects of the caffeine with more water. And don't forget most sports drinks are packed full of sugar. Some healthier alternatives include fruit juices, natural smoothies and freshly squeezed lemonade. Herbal teas are also a good choice since most of them can be served hot and cold. Why not start your days by slowly sipping on a cup of tea as you take it easy in your new Turkish cotton bathrobe. Now that's what we call ultimate relaxation!

You spring clean your house but why not your life? This spring season is the perfect time to pamper yourself and become a better, healthier you. Made from the softest Turkish cotton around, our robes and towels help you do so in style and comfort. Guzzle down some H2O, slip on one of our comfy selections and escape the world for a moment (or two). You'll be well on your way to leading a healthy, stress-free life. Spring is all about renewal and growth.

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