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Netflix and Chill - Top 5 Things You Need to Cozy Up for Date Nights

Ahmet A. Cakir

Posted on March 15 2019

Netflix and Chill - Top 5 Things You Need to Cozy Up for Date Nights

With so many shows and movies now available on Netflix, there's no longer any reason to leave home for some high quality entertainment. Clear room in your schedule for some bonding time with your significant other – Make tonight a date night in. But before he or she comes over for Netflix and chill, here are some the 5 things you should grab:

  1. His and Her Robes to Cuddle In – A love like yours deserves high end luxury. As cozy as expensive spa robes but priced affordably, our robes have become popular among couples looking to indulge themselves on a tight budget. 
  1. Scented Candles to Set the Mood – Set the scene for romance by lighting a few candles. The warm glow of candles gives off a romantic ambiance that instantly upgrades any Netflix and Chill date. 
  1. Tasty Snacks to Feed Each Other – There's just something so sexy about feeding one another, so make sure you're stocked up on goodies such as chocolate covered strawberries, grapes and chocolate. 
  1. A Bottle of Your Favorite Wine – Pop open a bottle of your favorite red or white and sip as you watch. Don't forget to grab a wine opener and some goblets to pour in. Champagne is of course a great alternative if wine isn't your thing. 
  1. Comfy Slippers or Fluffy Socks – Keep your toes toasty by slipping on a pair of comfy socks or slippers. Wear matching designs and share some pics on IG to be one of those cute couples others envy!

Whether you're married, dating or just shacking up, a Netflix date is always a good idea. Get yourself the above essentials to make your next movie night together unforgettably magical. If the date finishes with a dip in the pool or a shower (*wink, wink), dry off with one of our Turkish Cotton towels. to stay comfy.

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